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Home Classroom is the place to find exciting, engaging online lessons for children in years 4 to 13. Choose from hundreds of qualified online tutors who are able to help with exam preparation, 11+, lesson catch up and much more. With tutors specialising in subjects such as Maths, English and Science, you need not look any further for the best tutors.

Our Tutors have been selected for their knowledge in key school subjects, giving your child the full classroom experience, wherever they are! 
We know the process of finding the right tutor can feel daunting, which is why you can view our list of Tutors and filter by subject, all for free.
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Built with safety in mind

The only thing  more important than a child's education is their security, which is why Home Classroom is built with this in mind. All of our tutors have undergone full DBS and safeguarding checks, at the same level as they would need to teach in a school. Plus, all chats and lessons are encrypted, and can only be attended by your child and your chosen tutor. 

Built with safety in mind

Why is Home Classroom different from the rest?

Home Classroom is dedicated to creating exciting and engaging online lessons, using high quality video, online learning tools and a dual interactive whiteboard that both your child and tutor can use. With lessons being one to one it gives your child the chance to learn at their own pace and ask questions, without the fear of embarrassment from their classmates. 

How does Home Classroom work?

Booking a tutor with Home Classroom is as easy as 1 2 3! We understand how busy family life can be, which is why you can book lessons that fit in with your schedule, using our built in booking system. Once you have registered, choose your perfect online tutor from the exhaustive list, then get in touch using our chat function and book a session at a time that suits you. That's it!

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